Buy out diamonds / rough diamonds. We can buy out your stones if they are diamonds:

  • Buy out jewelry with diamonds
  • Buy out of stones without facing
  • Determination of the condition of the stone and the price
  • When buy out – no additional fees or commissions

You are welcome to any of our shops where an experienced specialist will determine: the purity, color, carat, quality and buy out your stones.

For further information: +359 882 21 76 46

West Gold & Silver works with an independent Expert assessor – HRD Gemologist: eng. Krassimir Dobrev. Specialist in the identification and certification of all types of colored precious stones and diamonds, and also the same that are invested in jewelry.
A copy of the Diploma of Qualification Gemologiya – HRD Antwerp, Belgium

NEW: If you want to buy diamonds without facing, we can sell you. Variety of carat, quality and colors.
For more information and availability +359 882 21 76 46

Prices of the diamond market in the years